Pears And Links

 Pears and Links    FREE to download 23/24 and 25 March

For a smart girl like Olive Green, being in love for two years is a problem that needs to get fixed. To get Carl Spenser out of her mind, she plucks up the courage and asks him on a date. She is prepared for a no. Maybe for a yes. But never in a million years that he’d consider her anything less than his equal.
Within an instant, insecurity and self-doubt begin. Sixteen-year-old Olive is not shy, she has an unusual secret.
She is a Link.
A Link can heal. A Link can kill. But Olive is in denial.
Until eventually Carl takes notice of her and she is certain it is her determination that made him finally look her way. Her luck has turned around. She is happy and in love. Unaware that the tall, blue-eyed boy is only after one thing.
The power in her blood.

 Pears and Links FREE to download 23/24 and 25 March