You Need Money? Work Overtime.

In London you’ll find many people working overtime just to get by and maybe save a little for a rainy day. Mainly save face when they are to meet relatives and friends from where it is they are coming from. Because they have no life, no progress and actually do not learn the language like they claim they do. You know why? Because they have no time to learn english or the money nor the moneyh to pay for classes.

This doesn’t happen only in London. It happens in every major city around the globe where people relocate to in order to have a better life and to make something of themselves. The reason people do not understand what is happening to them is because they either work too much because can’t make ends meet or because they are drown by the ‘noise’ and don’t bother to think for themselves.

Today do yourself a favour and take at least this one decision (if you have not already done so long time ago!). I’m talking about the decision to understand that the little money you make actually have a lot of value. It’s up to you to get out of debt and to save for financial independence. It is possible, very possible, no matter how much the ‘noise’ out there tries to pursuade you of the opposite.

If your current salary isn’t enough, then search for a second job or more hours at your current one. Make use of what time you have today. You might have to work two jobs for some time in order to get out of debt or to finally put aside the money you want. This time length may vary, from just a month to a few years but only you know what applies to you, what your personal circumstances are and what you need to do about it.

If you start saving your money today, you’ll have the amount you need by the time you are ready to pursue the plan you haven’t devised just yet.

To devise that plan you need to make time for yourself. This is the second decision in order to save money. Right now I understand you need to work to make money. Work overtime for the time being to aquire some savings and start to make time by avoiding social media and watching tv.  Then move on to a better paid job if possible. If that isn’t possible find ways to cut down your expenses. If that’s difficult keep in mind that you don’t actually need money to have a good time.

A walk in the park, a movie night in with friends, boardgames Saturday evenings and get togethers at friendly houses. Borrow books from the library. Start saving today.

Life is amazing, I promise!


What Our Basic Financial Needs Are

Our financial needs are few and very important. They are the ones we have to mostly spend money on in order to exist and to make money. These needs in a nutshell are the following:

  1. Food
  2. Shelter
  3. Transportation
  4. Health
  5. Communication



Before anything else, before shelter, entertainment, approval by society and whatnot, you need sustenance. If you don’t eat you cannot live to see many more days. Maybe ten or twelve, I will definitely not try to stay hungry that long to figure out how long before I die! Before you spend money on anything else, you need to pay for food. Sustenance. Then goes the healthy sustenance which is wise to feed yourself with. Because this way you cover a great part of your health expenses or rather you prevent medical costs.


After your most basic need of survival is covered, the next step up is the need for shelter and safety. Having somewhere warm to sleep at night is something of massive importance. Paying for your rent and/or your mortgage is a priority that cannot be avoided.


You need transport to go to work. If you are lucky and can go to work walking or cycling then you are lucky to say the least. If you need a car or money for the bus fare, you need to always make sure that you have enough money aside for your transportation. Because if you are unable to go to work or search for work you cannot make money to pay for your other basic needs that are food and shelter. Also if you live and work remotely or if you have young children, some sort of transportation to reach the nearest health centre is essential. And of course it costs money.


The health need is the most important of them all. Your job might already be covering your health insurance and so the health need might not constitute an expense to you. Your family might be in excellent health or you might be living in certain parts of the world where health insurance is covered automatically by the employer or the government. I don’t mean to stress you, but, insured or not, healthy or not, it is a good idea to have a small nest aside for health issues. If you do, you’ll feel good and feeling good contributes to good health. And a good health is the entire purpose of the health egg nest.


It is a good idea to have a phone. And internet access. Preferably both in one devise too. If you want to find a job or to maintain one, a phone and internet is a must. The phone and internet are not only necessary for work but also for family and social reasons. Especially if you have children and/or elderly parents who need your help. Means of communication are very important in today’s world of survival.

Everything else in this world is a luxury. With a couple of things of course that are not. Such as mental health, which is part of health, and starting a family which is your right to exist. Procreating goes well before sustenance but requires maturity as a human being and the ability to take care of yourself before you take responsibility for someone else.

Not everything is black and white. Enjoy the rest of your day!

What to Do if you Have Nothing and you Want Out of the Rat Race

What to do if you have nothing and you want out of the rat race

If your question is ‘I have nothing to show for, can I still get out of the rat race?’ then my answer is ‘Yes my dear, of course you can!’

To get out of the rat race you need to sort out three things for yourself. A roof over your head, an income and a community to be part of. You’ll be the one to decide on which following order to sort those out for you. It all depends on your personal circumstances and your ability to adapt to change.

Then two things are required:

  1. Open mindedness
  2. The ability to identify solutions when these appear

The rat race seems to be a lot of work if you remain focused to it. To get out you need to devise a plan that suits your situation, one based on your strength that is, and then to start working on it immediately.

I don’t care what your shortcomings. Work with what you have and waste no time on thoughts of what you lack. There is no more time to waste, you start today, right now. Devise a plan and give it a complete-by date but remember to give it ample realistic time. Then break it into tiny practical parts and stick to it. It doesn’t matter if the rest of the world is burning. You stick to your plan.

Having been in the situation of coming from nothing and having to start from nothing a few times in my life, I know all about it. Getting out of this never-ending game of time to money to survival to nothing-to-show-for existence, is a matter of seeing things differently and preparing to be ready for every step of your plan. Be patient. It takes a lot of courage and inner strength to keep going, let alone to steer away clear.

Use Your Time And Your Mind For You

Use Your Time And Your Mind For You

If you are in a difficult life situation, don’t occupy your mind with your troubles, occupy it with your goals. Even if nothing comes out of it your mind will still benefit because it will have no time to focus on the bitterness and the difficulty of it all. The difficulty will pass and won’t feel as dire.

In fact if you are enthusiastic about something a weird life law takes place. Things you want to happen start to happen. Momentum.

Now let me ask you, within 24 hours’ time, how much of this time do you occupy your mind with taking care of you?

Look around you. Work, family, neighbours, social gatherings, friends. Then you have social media, football, movies, television. Technology, newspapers, chores, transport to and from work. So much noise to steal your time and derail you from your purpose. Do you have people around you who go on and on about all the bad luck they had in life and how awfully people have treated them? Now it’s time for you to think. You try to be a good friend and want to help but here is the truth. If your loved ones don’t do anything to tackle their troubles you are literally there wasting your time and your very precious braincells.

The more time you dedicate to your goodness the better. Time for sleep, rest, away from things that demand your attention but give you nothing back. Think of you, the people you love and goodness. Only good will come out of it.

Of course you might say, ‘I love them Maria but they don’t love me back. What good is this?’ My answer here is: Good! Now you know you can move on. Of course it hurts but you are clear. It will continue being murky if the people you love are being pretentious and create reasons for you to doubt yourself. Be careful about that. If you have realized you are not loved, this realization can only lead to goodness. How? Keep on moving until you take what you give.

Before you give your thought and time to your surroundings, make sure you give your thought and time to you. Once it’s spent, time cannot be replaced. You are your priority.

I don’t care how fascinating crime and conspiracy stories are. They waste your time. Know where to invest it. Have you noticed how when you go home you cannot possibly think of anything that benefits you? Instead you want something that doesn’t stretch your thinking? Like a nice movie or to have a few drinks so that you are unable to think altogether? Question yourself when you do that. All this is hours that you could be working on yourself to achieve all that you want in life.

What have you done for you today? Did you think what you’ll answer to your boss, or how you’ll dodge your mother in law or how you’ll hide from your partner the fact that you ate a chocolate?

Don’t wish your time away

Use your mind to be able to use your time for you.

Think of you to be able to work on you.

Work on you to be able to work for you.

Everything is interrelated. Your thought, your time, your income.

Have a brilliant, thoughtful day!

Alternative Living – Start Today and Stop Being Jealous

If you are one of those people who had enough of the rat race but too broke to do anything about it right now, you are in the right place.

If you are also one of those people who see others getting ahead and your immediate reaction is to compare yourself to them and feel jealousy or despair when they are ahead of you, now it’s time to stop worrying.

When it comes to housing and independence many people who can never come to the property ladder aim their attention towards alternative solutions. The current worldwide house prices has made people gravitate towards tiny houses, campervans and vehicle residing just and only to escape the rent trap. Some people are so broke they don’t even have a car to make it their home and pay excruciating amounts of money to have a room over their head. It’s a vicious circle, I know. Whatever your situation is fine as long as you remain hopeful and every day you do a little something that will bring you closer to your goal.

Some people find the solutions sooner or later but most give up and prefer to turn bitterer than ever before.

Having the dream to independence myself I spend endless hours poring over online videos studying what others are doing on that department. Certain comments online however have made me realize how unhappy and desperate some people are.

For example there was this YouTube video where a couple with their young children built a tiny house/tent that they placed on the woman’s parents’ land. The jealous comments on the comment section were not few.

Instead of aiming their observation on what the family had achieved, for some reason they compared to them and complained. Instead of drawing inspiration for the day to save their little money toward land or go for a walk to work on their health they chose to point the ways this family was ahead of them.

The comments went along those lines: Of course they built this lovely house, they both have jobs and don’t have to pay for childcare. – It helps that they had land from their parents. – I could have done it too if I had the land. – I wish my parents had a piece of land like that, oh wait my father sold it.

My answer goes along those lines: Focus on your own strength and stop comparing. You waste what little power you have by doing so. And you need your little power constantly and consistently to get anywhere.

If you are single, make sure you have a job and the partner will come. If you have children then love them, spend time with them and show them what possibilities are out there in the world so that at least they can get ahead one day. If your parents had no land to give you then you know the first step to independence is land. You might not be able to buy it yet but you can start saving money today to buy it one day.

If you think you like the rural lifestyle so much you could place a camper or built a shed and start from nothing. It is still possible. It doesn’t matter what your father did. You have only one life to live. If your father loves you but was in a situation that had to sell property then learn from his actions. Make sure you don’t have to find yourself in his shoes someday.

You might of course be very sweet and just desperate. Jealousy is a thing that doesn’t hurt anyone else but you. What I’m trying here to say is that any thought of jealousy and hopelessness towards people who have what you want stops you from moving ahead.

Life is too short. Up to now you spent it thinking about the things you didn’t have. About working and trying too hard and not getting anywhere. Instead of being bitter start seeing the light at the end of the tunnel on a daily basis.

Start today. Life is amazing.

Don’t Wish Your Time Away

If on Monday morning you wish it to be Friday, stop right there. You might hate your job but it’s your life that’s passing you by. There is so much you can do Monday to Friday to be ready for the weekend. You can read a book on Monday, cut your toenails on Tuesday, wash your clothes on Wednesday, make phone calls to the people you love but live far away on Thursday and then it’s Friday already.

Time is one of your two most available assets. Even if you paid a billion dollars you wouldn’t be able to buy the ten minutes lost from your life while waiting for the bus. Your other most available asset is your health. If it deteriorates all the money in the world cannot save you.

Have you noticed how no one ever talks about it? If you believed your time was an asset and your most valuable at that you wouldn’t waste it in pointless actions and bitterness about who done you wrong and who is better off than you or why. You’d invest the time in finding solutions. As it happens you are so emotionally overwhelmed with life happening that you don’t move ahead. Perhaps you know it already and right now you are thinking ‘yes I know, but what can I do about it, time goes through my hands like sand and is not enough’.

If this is your thinking it’s only normal and understandable. But here is what you can do. Be appreciative of your time. Think of what you can do now. Be happy with what you achieve every single day even if that is one small thing. Be consistent. Great things consist of small consistent things.

If it’s Saturday and you don’t have friends to go out with, you can go to bed early instead because sleep is good for your health and when you are asleep you don’t think. Being well rested clears your mind and Sunday morning you can think clearly of the things you can try in order to make friends. If it’s Sunday and you dread going to work on Monday then perhaps start looking for jobs online. Or research the requirements to start your own job. Do something. Don’t just wish something else was happening.

If you are a teenager and you wish to grow up faster, stop right there. You are still going to have many troubles when you become an adult. If you are single and you wait for life to start happen when you get married, you are in for a big surprise. See what you can do in the now with your life.

Always be happy it’s the now. You are alive, and there is always hope. That’s why!

How to Decide on What to Pack (When You Relocate to the City)

Before you start putting your favourite jumpers in the suitcase you first need to make a list of all the things you’ll be needing to pack. This way you’ll know what you don’t have even if your suitcase is half empty.

What you’ll need to pack is divided into two categories. The things you’ll be needing initially and the things you’ll be needing over time. Right now you don’t need to be worrying about the things you’ll be needing over time. That’s way ahead when you’ll have arrived at your destination and you start figuring out things. Right now focus on what you’ll need when you arrive at your city destination.

What you’ll need: You’ll need two changes of clothes, one set of work clothes, one week’s worth of underwear, work shoes and personal hygiene items. I find having a diary for keeping track of appointments and other life matters essential. That’s it. Specialized items, such as sports equipment and musical instruments are all additional items that may or may not apply to you.

Apart from your list you also need to be aware and realistic about your budget. If you go to the city to work and save money, it is rather unwise to start your goal by spending money. Make your list and see how far you can make do with what you have.

Refrain from carrying with you cookware and crockware and other bulky items that take space. If you want to relocate to a place you don’t know, to start a journey you know nothing off, you better start by packing as lightly as possible. Keep it simple. You want flexibility and money in your pocket.

I’ve done this change a few times in my life and have spoken with many travelers who have tried to be as unrestrained as it can be when it comes to things. They continually find ways to made do with few items all the while increasing life experience.

Keep the dream alive, start packing!



What you need to know before you start packing for your move to the city

You have taken the decision to move to the city or you are thinking about relocating to a city because your life circumstances have changed and now you want to take matters into your own hands, right?

There are many things you need to arrange before you actually move and although packing your suitcase is not the most important at this stage, you can’t help yourself obsessing about it.

One would think that packing a few things in a suitcase is a simple and easy task. It should be so because it’s only just things. But what kind of things? If you don’t know what your living conditions are going to be at that new location or what your job demands might turn out to be, how can you know what to pack?

Before you prepare your suitcase for city life you need to know a few basic things. First and foremost you need to know yourself and your needs. Then, you need to slightly guess what it is you’ll be needing when you arrive at your destination. You can guess all you like but until you arrive there you don’t know exactly what you’ll be needing and you can only take so much with you. Chances are you’ll need to buy things at your current location because they will come out cheaper than if you had to buy them at your new one. Sometimes the exact opposite might be true.

If it is the first time you go away from home, or you move from a small residential town to a big city then this is a big deal for you and you want to be well prepared. You want to have all the objects that you’ll possibly might need to start this next chapter of your life. Here is the catch however. You cannot fit everything you’ll need in one suitcase and as you’ll discover sooner or later there is no occasion in life where you can be entirely prepared beforehand.

As you are only human, take a deep breath and focus mainly on what you’ll be needing when you’ll first arrive at your new location. Also make sure whatever you take fits within a suitcase and a carry-on.

Thinking ahead can work up to a point. For example, if it is summer maybe you’ll want to bring a thick coat as well, but chances are you’ll be tempted to buy something new that caught your eye and you’ll have your old coat at the back of your wardrobe taking space and gathering dust. It is all up to you.

But you are in the city to get a good job, change your life for the better and save money. If you start saving earlier, guess what. You’ll succeed earlier!

Have a lovely day…

What to Carry on your Person when you Travel

When you travel on long trips, either cross country or internationally, you need to be systematic on what you pack and how you pack it. What is of great importance is your safety, especially when using public transport and travelling on your own.

I’ve separated the packing in three parts. The suitcase part, the carry-on luggage and the on-your-person part.

  1. In the suitcase you put the things that you can do without
  2. In the carry-on luggage you put the things that cost you the most but you can still do without
  3. In the on-your-person you put the very small things that are vital to your transition and your existence.

Here is what you are meant to be carrying on your person and by that I mean no handbag, I mean inside your jacket or a hidden belt.

  1. Passport
  2. ID card
  3. Flight/boat/coach ticket printed
  4. A piece of paper with the names and addresses of the people you are visiting, the hotel you are staying, the exact location you are going.
  5. Names and contact details of people that can help you if you are stranded or in case of an accident.
  6. Proof of banking
  7. Bank card and credit card
  8. Life-urgent medication
  9. Money


Keep all of the above in an internal jacket pocket or a secret belt secured on your person. Better safe than sorry.

I’ve learned all that because it wasn’t a few times that I had to travel on my own and there was no margin for getting lost or getting robbed. Travelling is not all about this glamour impression you see online. Before you arrive at your destination you have to deal with the practical aspect of it all first. Travelling from one place to another is physically exhausting and you need to have your wits about you.

Perhaps you might not have slept for many long hours. You don’t know who sits next to you. They might be super friendly and kind because they are kind or because they are trying to evaluate the level of your vulnerability.

All throughout my travelling years and my many relocations I was keeping my eyes open and was fascinated by the things I was seeing happening around me. Observe and mind your own business and you’ll be fine. Above all else maintain a positive obsession about your goal and why it is you are going where it is you are going.

Have a brilliant day and happy packing!

Habits you need to adopt when you move to the city

Be careful what you say and who you say it to.

Choose your company wisely.

Don’t accept to use somebody else’s luggage.

Don’t agree to put someone else’s things into your luggage. Say flatly no. If they insist definitely say no.

When you go to a pub or bar because you try to make friends, keep your drinking in moderation. You don’t know who you are drinking with and how much they try to get out of you. You might be vulnerable and if you are they don’t need to know the level of your vulnerability. You don’t want trouble before you even started building your dream in the city.

If you are alone in the world or down on your luck, if subject brings it, let people you meet believe you have family back home and that you are frequently in touch with them. By no circumstances let people know you have nowhere to turn to. Cities are full of people who prey on sensitive, unsupported people. This is where the weak and helpless people go. Do not do anyone the favour to fall. You want to go to the city for a good life, not to make it worse than it already is.

Lose your earphones. If you enjoy listening to your music when you walk in the city, it is time to stop that habit. The city is the worse jungle you can imagine. Be aware of your surroundings. Especially at night and when you are alone on the street.

When you walk or in public transport be aware of your surroundings. It is handy to look where you are stepping but make sure to look ahead most of the time and not on the ground. If you look at your feet everyone can tell you are insecure and possibly in trouble/afraid. For a successful city life you want to be sending out signals of strength and independence.

Hide the fact you are new and clueless. Slow walking, absent mindedness and maps on view are attracting human vultures.

Keep your wallet, money and cards away from easy reach to pocket thieves.

Do remember to thank people who help you. Many people help in the cities. In fact most people help. Remember to be human.

I wish you great success in the city!