City Relocation – Suitcase Basics

If you life has changed in such a way and you have taken the decision to relocate to a city, taking the absolute essentials with you in your luggage is a must. Being the practical person that I am, I put together a few lists for your luggage, especially for city relocation. When you relocate to a city, you need to have the very basics with you, especially if you know absolutely nothing about the place you are moving into.

I have separated the art of moving about in three parts.

  1. On Your Person Basics
  2. The Carry On Basics
  3. The Suitcase Basics

In this article I’m going to share with you the contents of The Suitcase Basics in no particular order:

  1. One change of work clothes
  2. Nice shoes: You might want to go out to dinner, or in a club or a date or a job interview.
  3. Warm pyjamas: Absolute necessity if you move to a cold city.
  4. Sleepers: Essential if you move into a shared housing situation and you don’t want to walk around barefoot especially when the floors might not be that clean.
  5. Bathrobe: Very useful when living in a shared environment, such as renting a room or living in a hostel. It also doubles as an extra warm long cardigan when eating in the kitchen and there is no heating.
  6. Towel for feet
  7. Towel for face
  8. Shampoo
  9. Conditioner
  10. A bar of soap in a soap container: You can wash hands, body and clothes with it. A bar of soap is the best.
  11. Hairdryer/shaving machine: Appearances usually mater when working in the city.
  12. Nail clippers/scissors
  13. Nail file
  14. Toothpaste
  15. Padlock: Sometimes within a temporary dwelling establishment you have to lock your suitcase inside a dedicated cupboard and you need to provide the padlock. Also you might need to lock a storage unit or even a room you might be renting.
  16. One set of nice clothes: You might want to go out on a date, to the theatre, a unique job interview, a make it or break it moment.
  17. Three sets of every day clothes: This can be three dresses. Two skirts, one pair of trousers, two shirts and two tops. If you are a guy two pairs of trousers are essential and three tops.
  18. Two undershirts: One you’ll be wearing while you are travelling. So when you need to change into a clean one you have one in case the second one is still wet from the wash.
  19. Three pairs of socks: For work and every day.
  20. Five sets of underwear
  21. Two bras and three tights: You might in a rush to rip the one tight and the second one might be in need of a wash.

What you can omit from this list:

  1. Nice shoes: If your work shoes are pretty ones or if you don’t have and you are on a tight budget. You are moving to the city with a goal remember? And your first goal is to survive.
  2. Hairdryer/shaving machine: If you have long hair and moving in a cold city then it’s necessary to have dry hair before bed time not to catch a cold. If you are a man you can just use plain soap and disposable razors for shaving.
  3. Toothpaste: You can brush your teeth with plain water the first days or you can borrow from a friend or a flatmate. Just remember to not make it a habit and to go buy your own eventually.
  4. Shampoo: If you don’t have hair you obviously don’t need it. If you have hair but no space in your suitcase, you can wash your hair with just water or perhaps use a little washing liquid or borrow from someone until you buy your own or until you have the money to buy your own.
  5. Conditioner: As above, if you have no hair you obviously don’t need it. You also might be using a 2in1 shampoo or might use special oils for your hair or you might not give a care about hair conditioner. It’s optional.
  6. Five underwear: You can do with less but you’ll have to be hand-washing every day.

I hope my Suitcase Basics list has been of help to you and has given you some great inside as to what to pack now that you are getting ready to move to the big city!

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