Your Financial Situation – Your Rules

When it comes to finances, do you ever get frustrated when you hear of suggestions, financial ideas and systems that you cannot possibly implement on your personal situation?

If this is the case then it is very possible that you are one of those people that the generic rules don’t apply to because of your personal circumstances. Every individual is unique and it all has to do with factors such as upbringing, financial education, whether you were financially well off as a child and what your overall opinion is with regards to money.

Your financial situation, follow your rules

Whatever your personal circumstances might be, if it frustrates you, then simply remember that banks and credit card companies would never be so wealthy if those very simple systems of wealth creation and savings worked for everyone.

Only last year I heard of David Ramsey, a radio personality who is rather famous in the United States for his advice on people with debt and how to get rid of it. I found him on YouTube the same way I’ve found a number of everyday people like me who share ideas and tricks and who have inspired me during my debt-free journey .

There are many everyday people out there who share frugal tips and saving tricks with the world. Many also share their debt and general financial situation. Some are money gurus, determined to persuade everyone else that making big money is so easy and why don’t we do it already. Whatever the case, these people can inspire you to change your finances and might even give you ideas for an abundant future. At the end of the day however they shouln’t make you model your financial habits after theirs when they are not aware of your unique and personal situation.

Since you already struggle financially, it’s pointless to get stressed because you cannot apply somebody else’s financial rules. Just let it go. Free yourself and don’t compare.

But because I’ve been there and I’ve done that, I know that you’ll try it anyway because you are desperate to change your situation, you want to be a winner and you’ll do anything to improve your finances. In vain you’ll compare yourself to others. Be warn. You’ll only get frustrated, angry and unhappy. When it happens, don’t worry. It’s time to let it go. Stop beating yourself up because you cannot possibly apply rules, programs and approaches that are foreign to what you already know. They weren’t made for you. They were made for others. Maybe for you too, but only when you are ready. Take your time.

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