Save yourself first and know you have value, no matter what

Often we think that we have nothing left. Mostly because we have no money, because we are in debt or there is no light at the end of the tunnel. But let me tell you this.

Each and every one of us has power. A lot of power. Many of us have debt because we tried to be like everyone else. To have a roof over our heads, some education, a car to get us to work. They are all means to help us compete and remain in the rat race.

Even if you have nothing, remember this. You can still breath. You can still see. If you can type the letters to search online, you still have hands.

Today I called quits with a friend who constantly choses to see no hope. I had to choose between myself and my friend. I chose myself. I have fought a tough fight to be able to wake up hopeful in the morning and not be overwhelmed by stress. It wasn’t something that I achieved overnight. It is not considered achievement by anyone I know. Everyone is shadowed by what they are supposed to be doing or supposed to have accomplished. And if not, point the finger at somebody. Point the finger at somebody gets us nowhere. It only wastes our time and drowns us more in the sea of desperation.

Feeling good in the morning and starting your day with hope and dreams for your present and your future, is not acknowledged by society yet as an achievement, but it is. If you want to lift a friend up, or a stranger for that matter, this person needs to be willing to get out of their difficult situation. Otherwise they’ll drag you down with them. The human psyche is a very important yet very sensitive part of our existence. We need inner strength to cope. Most of us, when we see the signs of human psyche deterioration we simply ignore it and keep going. We are not taught in schools, not even at university or at work, that when soul glitches start happening its time to change things. Environment, dietary habits, the company we keep, the amount of hours we sleep and so much more.

It is difficult to cut off people from our environment. Whether we see them everyday or once in every so often when the pruning needs to happen, it needs to happen. It is harsh, it is difficult. It will leave you with a queasy stomach for a few minutes. But then, then you’ll breath. You’ll breath and you’ll think of the good things in your life and how you can improve yourself so that you can help others. Because if others destroy you little by little you cannot help them and in the end you’ll lose your very self.

It’s a painful choice you need to make but don’t feel guilty when you need to do so in order to protect yourself. No need to be upset or worked up. No need to raise your voice. It’s only an inner decision. Get a cup of tea. And save yourself. Then go ahead and help someone who truly wants to get some help.

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