10 Things I’ve Stopped Buying

My general life rule is to not compare myself to others. I’m more keen to share information and delve into information others share and chose that which applies to me. Everyone is different. From a different set of parents, different country, financial chances and life opportunities.

So, don’t compare. To help you in your materialistic or minimalist journey, I’ve put together a long list of things I no longer buy, or buy a lot less off, in my effort to de-clutter my life and be a minimalist.


Here are the first 10 of those things:

  1. MAGAZINES. In my teens I indulged a lot on comics and magazines aimed at girls where celebrities are featured. Then I was a lot into fashion magazines and soon after I discovered that film journals existed. I used to subscribe to film magazines for years but I haven’t bought a single magazine for well over five years now.
  2. DVDs. I used to watch DVDs on my laptop but when the DVD player feature stopped working I stopped buying them too. I could no longer watch my movies again and again on repeat in private and I thought it only too embarrassing to do so in a flat-share living room. When I upgraded my laptop, the CD feed was so loud that became unpleasant to watch movies from a disc. I haven’t bought a single DVD for at least four years.
  3. HOME DÉCOR. I was never one for buying house decorations. As I’m a minimalist in nature and prefer to be surrounded by objects that have actually some purpose, I haven’t bought beatifying objects for a house for at least nine years.
  4. SEASONAL DÉCOR. As in Christmas, Easter decorations etc. I haven’t bought anything for at least seven years.
  5. SWIM GEAR. The last time I bought a bikini was two years ago. I wanted to be ready in case I went to the sea at last. I used to have a bikini for over a decade but as I have downsized and moved house a number of times, and haven’t been to the beach for a very long time, I have no idea where it went.
  6. FACE CREAM. I used to be obsessed with expensive creams to slather my face in the hope to look prettier and add some invisible, unexplained substance to my existence. Then I used a cream from a known big brand and started having acne. I haven’t used a face cream for at least four years.
  7. BODY LOTION. Even when I used to purchase body lotion I never really got into the habit of diligently massaging my body with it. When I did, on and off I had various skin reactions and so over time I stopped bothering altogether. I haven’t used a body lotion for at least four years.
  8. MUSIC ONLINE or CDs. I listen to trendy music on YouTube and to feel good and relax I listen to affirmations. I haven’t purchased music for at least four years.
  9. CLEANING PRODUCTS. They are included in our rent and so is the cleaner. I haven’t bought any cleaning products for at least a year.
  10. TOILET PAPER. It is included in our rent, so I haven’t bought toilet paper for at least a year as well.

There are many more products that I’ve stopped buying or that I don’t buy as often but because they are so many, they deserve to be divided into different subcategories and then presented to you in themes. I give you ten now because I’m always curious as to what others have stopped buying and I thought it was my turn and only fair to share with the world as well.

Remember, don’t compare to what others do. I share this list in case you think of cutting down some of the above and contemplate the normality of it. It’s normal to make your own choices, especially when it comes to your finances from monies you have earned. My personal experience with minimalism, has been long, gradual and everchanging. It also goes hand in hand with frugality. The only thing I can do for you, is to share my choices and encourage you to save monies where you can and where it applies in your life and personal circumstances.

Thank you for reading, and till next time, many happy thoughts with you!



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