A Week’s Meal Prep and Budgeting – Can You Do It?

Are you trying to prep meals for an entire week, especially for lunches at work, to save money and most importantly time? You manage to plan it but it doesn’t always work? In fact, it doesn’t most of the time despite you putting all this thought and effort into it? And you end up feeling guilty because you spend money buying lunch and on top of that end up binning the food at home because it’s gone off?

You are not the only one. This is just life happening. Like the unique individual that you are, you have an equally unique excuse for not achieving this modern life accomplishment as expected.

Last night you didn’t cook from scratch because you craved for that very well earned telly time by the couch. Now you have no leftovers for tomorrow’s lunch and just your luck you forgot to buy bread to make that dreadful sandwich you don’t like anyway. Guess what horror you are facing tomorrow. You are going to spend money to get lunch and very probably dinner too.

The irony is, you had planned to prepare meals and were hyped to get organized but your healthy choices mock you from the fridge and you just don’t feel it.

Fret not, I have the exact very problem. But I’ve found the solution. I’ve stopped comparing my life to that of others and life is good. My motto is Don’t Compare. Just prepare, when you feel like doing so. Just do a little each day, and know that it’s enough. One week it might work but the next it might not.


Let me tell you how I did this past week. Today is Sunday. I started last Saturday and I prepared breakfasts, lunches and dinners for the entire week and it all went as planned.

Today however, Sunday, I was meant to prepare for this coming second week. I went as far as planning and getting groceries, but I didn’t cook or prep. Instead I had a wonderful day where I did very little of practical and sensible nature. I spent my morning reading, then went for lunch and coffee with a friend, then browsed on Portobello Road and now I’m at home debating whether I should do what has to be done for a successful week in savings or sit down with my laptop and write an article that people from all around the world might enjoy and identify with.

I had a very successful first week of budgeting, meal prepping and scheduling. Now that I am to prepare for week two, I’m not too sure. I had peanut butter sandwich and chocolate muffin for breakfast, and at the restaurant I had chicken with bread, green peas and coleslaw. My nutrition for the day is covered and my stomach is filled but as I’m sitting on my bed with my laptop on my lap, my brain says forget the prepping, just sit comfortably and write instead. Eat crisps if you want to nibble. You have bread and peanut butter and cream cheese and fruit, pepper and olives to snack healthily. It won’t hurt you to buy lunch tomorrow. You exchange good mood and fun time with money, that’s perfectly fine.

Then I realised, this is what we all want, to enjoy life. Saving is great, but not the alpha or the omega.

My main obstacle when I’m ready with my prepped meals is that I know what I’m going to eat the entire week. It should be an achievement but unfortunately my appetite rebels and I feel like eating something different. Perhaps I want to see friends in the evening over a meal in a restaurant or perhaps just a coffee, to indulge on a friendly encouraging environment. Since I’m only human it’s only natural after work to be tired from work and the commute. In my case walking. It’s only understanding to want to relax and not want to eat the same thing that is faithfully waiting for me in the fridge.

I dread the day tomorrow. I don’t know what to eat, I don’t feel like cooking, I want to snack, I better start preparing for the week. I bought bread that is not in slices, because I cannot stand another slice of toast bread. No more. I’ve had it all last week. Sliced bread is low quality bread that costs very little and lasts longer because of its low quality and unhealthy additives. Last week I wanted to have a low budget week so I opted for that kind of bread. As you can see, this week I bought a good quality one that I still have to slice.


To leave a comment, go back to the beginning of this article below the title on the left, and click where is says LEAVE A COMMENT. Many kisses, have a brilliant week!

*For a full detail of prep, what I had and how it went, keep reading below. 

From Sunday to Saturday it went like this:

*For fruit, and to make sure I took vital vitamins in, I had every day an apple, a pear and a mandarin.

*Every day at work I had at least two cups of tea and one of coffee. With milk and sugar of course.

Sunday: For dinner I had fusilli pasta with kale and leek veg. I don’t remember what I had for lunch or breakfast!

Monday breakfast: two slices of bread, with two slices of cheese and three slices of Milano salami.

Monday lunch: fusilli past with kale and leek veg.

Monday dinner: kale and leek veg on its own.

Tuesday breakfast: two slices of bread, with two slices of cheese and three slices of Milano salami.

Tuesday lunch: fusilli pasta with radishes, orange bell pepper, loads of parsley and olives.

Tuesday dinner: bread and peanut butter. I didn’t feel like eating anything else.

Wednesday breakfast: two slices of bread, with two slices of cheese and three slices of Milano salami.

Wednesday lunch: fusilli pasta with orange bell pepper, a lot of parsley, green olives and tuna steak from tin.

Wednesday dinner: I had no appetite but I ate the fruit that I didn’t eat at work. Then I had appetite for something sweet and had a slice of bread with chocolate spread.

Thursday breakfast: I wanted something sweet for breakfast so ignored my cheese sandwich I had prepared and had a Madelaine cake and bread with chocolate spread instead.

Thursday lunch: fusilli pasta with tuna from yesterday, radishes, orange bell pepper, plenty of parsley and green olives.

Thursday dinner: Other than a small bowl of tortilla chips, I honestly don’t remember.

On Friday I was lucky. I had half of the cheese sandwich that was meant for yesterday and a Madeleine cake. Lucky for me, we went with colleagues to a pizzeria for lunch. I binned the pasta I had prepared for Friday, it had been there for more than five days and I was not going to have it for later. Game over. After work we went to a pub and I had two half pints of Coca-Cola and I was sugar overload. I had the other half of that cheese sandwich for dinner when I went home later. Bring in the comments folks. It felt so good to go home and not think about food.

Saturday breakfast: I had the last slice of the bread loaf, with peanut butter. For lunch I had a coffee and left over pizza from yesterday. I snacked on small bowl of peanuts and a small bowl of tortilla chips. Also an orange juice and a chocolate waffle.

Saturday Dinner: Three chicken thighs from the supermarket and a chocolate muffin. A mandarin.

Sunday. Chocolate muffin for breakfast. A small bowl of tortilla chips for snack, water. I have water throughout the week, I can’t be bothered mentioning it on every paragraph, I believe it goes without saying for most people. Then I went to a restaurant and we had lunch. Chicken, with green peas, coleslaw and one slice of tomato. With water, no soft drinks or alcohol. I’m not a drinker. My coffee was terrible and didn’t finish it because it didn’t have enough milk in it. My friend bought a dessert and she gave me half of it to share the calories. I forgot to mention I’m not fazed by calories. I love my food!

Thank you for reading this far, let me know how you go about preparing your meals for work or for your family, I’d love to hear how different people do different things. Till next time, enjoy your food and keep smiling!

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