The Beauty of YouTube

As a rule I am not one for technology and social media. Around 2008 however, all accidentally I discovered a website called YouTube. It turned out I had used it before to watch various videos but at the time I thought them to be videos docked on random sites.

In 2008 I discovered YouTube properly. From the addiction of clicking video after video, to going for information, to searching for entertainment, to binge-watching things that are of no interest to me but for some magical reason I’m hooked on and keep watching. And keep clicking. Trying to stay away from the addiction but staying only in words and falling back into the habit.

This is not an article about how I stopped watching YouTube. There is no such thing, I’m thrilled with it and I’m not going to change it. This is an article where I’m going to tell you how I changed. I’ve just become very selective as a person and now I know how to manage my time wisely. If you are sucked into it that’s because your life needs fixing or because you are going through certain emotional needs. Or both. Don’t try to avoid it. It will only get worse if you do.

Let’s look again why I’m addicted to YouTube.

I use it for almost anything. For things I want to learn, clips from movies I love and have watched on repeat a thousand times, as if I’m on survival drip because at that moment there is nothing more important. The emotion generated from this behaviour, however pathetic, is pure indication as to what needs to be done and change in my life.

Over time, YouTube transformed into a worldwide community I am part of.

Even though my interests have changed it started as a place where I could check celebrities and movie clips. As a starving cinephile and no life of my own this is what I did, I will not hide it. Well done you if you have a clear mind and you are only purpose focused. I on the other hand sometimes still click on click-baits about the 10 things I’m Not Interested In Watching, yet I do, so please don’t judge me. Take the journey with me, you might find some of your weaknesses online to be same as mine.

If you have many years of YouTube watching under your belt, and happened to walk down the same video paths as me, you’ve been entertained, hooked, drawn, fascinated, disgusted and freaked. Most probably you’ve watched disturbing subjects that you’d be a lot happier without knowing they existed. This is what I call the Dark Site of YouTube. It’s like a ride. After years of experienced clicking, you know when it is time to stop clicking on things that do not serve you.

Now my appetite has changed. I have to be looking at beautiful things, such as happy stories, flowers and people who strive to better their lives and get creative on the way. YouTube is there to create a happy world for me thank you very much. The clicking power is in my hands. I chose my community members like I chose my friends and my neighbourhood. I still watch music video clips, music of new artists, and of course fan-videos. As my interests have shifted, my preference now gravitates towards more worthy content. For instance, affirmations’ videos have been my go-to for years now. The past few months I’ve become obsessed with minimalism, being frugal and keeping household. My personal life is following a certain curve and my video interests follow suit. Minimalism got my attention as my history of moving things and moving houses goes back decades and only last week I finally closed down a storage unit I had for 15 months.

YouTube is also the go to place for everything I’d like to learn. My visual encyclopaedia. Especially for Microsoft Office and things I need for work. A booty where I don’t have to be a pirate and lose an eye or a leg, nor hurt anyone for the treasure.

It is my corner for opinions. Whenever I’m watching a video I tend to first read the comments. Clever, silly, loving, hurtful. It is the place for reviews. Lifestyles. Points of views. How people around the globe think differently. And most surprisingly, how similar they think. The realization that people with the same way of thinking are out there, even though are not in the house next door, feels good.

For instance, I now am happy because I’ve found other people who think it OK to not have all the materialistic possessions in the world. I call them the community of minimalism. Now I know it is OK not to read every book in the world and even not finish one I started if it doesn’t take my fancy. I can let go and give it away because of the Book Tube community. From the YouTube communities I take only that which I can implement in my life and discard the rest. There is no need to stress for not fitting entirely my opinions to somebody else’s. I don’t compare myself to others. There is no pressure.

Because life is good and I’m surrounded by lovely people and there is hope every morning I wake up.

This article is not sponsored and doesn’t promote anything or anyone. It’s all about me and maybe, very possibly, about you too!

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