Everything is Awesome!

On a happier note, this week we had a rainy adventure after work and because we didn’t want to go to dinner like wet cats, while waiting for the rest of the group me and my friend decided to do a few impromptu touristic things.

We were standing under umbrellas in Leicester square and for a while did people watching but soon decided to pretend to do what tourists do. Shopping. We looked at products we are not interested in buying  but look very nice and we’d love to, but because we are very wise and sensible we decided to save our precious money for future wants and needs instead.

As you know, for me it is a case of not buying things that I cannot use right away, because I have limited space and it is already taken by things I absolutely need and use on frequent basis. I happened to be an accidental minimalist, a term I discovered only recently, for something I have been practising for years.

Me and my friend watched drenched cats walking by, sorry I meant tourists, and then walked a little off Leicester square in an area known as the Swiss Court. We still had a lot of time to kill, and it was raining, and I didn’t want to do any more mindless window shopping in the rain. But my friend had a better idea.

“Why don’t we go to the Lego store,” she asked. I was not in the mood to see more things that I knew I was not going to buy. She was persistent. “You are the one who likes The LEGO Movie,” she said, “you are the one who wants to see The LEGO Batman Movie.” I insisted that I didn’t need to go in yet another store to look at yet more things, but my friend won the argument and I was defeated by the weather already. I mean, I had to defend myself, because I love the Lego movie. I told her that I loved the movie because of the wicked humour and the love the creators have put into making it. She gave me a glance of ‘whatever’ and because curiosity killed the cat, we ran into the store.

Holding my folded umbrella at arm’s length and dripping water everywhere I was smitten. I was happy. They say a photo is a thousand words. See for yourselves.

The Lego store was full of things built out of Lego bricks. Works of art in themselves, whoever put them together deserves an award. And a very good salary. Because this artwork, these creations, make you want to buy the whole shop.


This is not a small painting. This is two walls in a 90 degrees corner. You cannot even see it. Can you? Because even in the store it is deceiving.


As a writer I should be leaning towards Shakespeare but as I’m in need of care and protection I’m actually more of soldier-toward-leaning type of girl in real life.


A real size traditional British phone booth build with Lego bricks. In case you were unfortunate to walk into a real traditional London phone booth that happened to have previously been used as a toilet.

In the store, everything was awesome. No, I’m not advertising anything, not I am not being sponsored, no I didn’t buy anything on that day but when I finally have the house and space I want, I will be buying Lego bricks. That and board games.

PS Last weekend I got to see Lego Batman as well! It was fun!

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