Changes are everywhere. They happen on social, cultural and personal level. I don’t like them, and I don’t because they happen in my life way too frequently for my liking.

As an indie author I have to chase the changes because opportunities go with the changes. Have you heard the adage, with chaos comes chance? Well, that’s true. Only I don’t see it. The more I avoided changes the more they happened, but I’ve never got used to them and I never got to like them. At least they taught me one thing. To adjust.

In order to survive.

The more changes the more adjustment. But the more adjustment the more overwhelm. Every plan that I made, fell through. Others would progress ahead of me and I would have the permanent effect of stop and start, stop and start. Until I figured I’d have to adjust to that as well, and accept that this is how my life is going to be, forever more.

Why I’m telling you this?

Change is overwhelm, and produces a sense of instability if you every day is anchored on yet another change. People change. They say one thing but mean another, have an agenda, don’t keep their promises because something came up or because they think others will adjust around their comes and goings. People who have monotony want change, whereas people who have overwhelm of change want monotony. For a change. Just like me.

Right here, right now, I’ve had enough of changes. You know the problem when things have to change in your life for it to get better but they don’t, and the things that are just fine change instead? I had it all my life, but I have it a lot more lately. As in the entire year of 2016 lately.

That’s why I’m a reader. That’s why I’m a writer. If you are an author you probably understand. If you are an indie author you probably understand better. Because books offer a sense of welcome, a universe where you belong and no one has the power to remove you, no matter how hard they try.

I wish that 2017 will finally bring the stability I long for all my life. As for you, I wish it will bring you whatever it is you need in your life.


Tons of love,

Maria xxx

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