New Website: The Seven Goblets

New website. It wasn’t planned, but had to happen. The Seven Goblets.
I love you so much!

Today is an important day.

I have a website. Not that I didn’t have one before. But the previous website was one that left me frustrated, crying, took my money, left me helpless and in creative agony, because it took my time, and I had no courage to do any writing. And writing is the only thing that I’m supposed to be doing, since I’m a writer.

Today, is day 15 of 100 of my self-publishing adventures. Fifteen days ago I took the decision to record my day to day self-publishing adventures. Because I figured, if I embarrassed myself publicly with my mistakes and efforts, people would either share their own experiences, avoid the things that didn’t work for me and learn for their own benefit. In worst case scenario people would get entertained.

Five days ago someone brought to my attention that I had no website. It turned out I had been without one four days prior to that. I’ve emailed immediately, started calling their help line and nothing. No help came. After three days, and being at the verge of helplessness I had to do something.

After the company failed to get back to me, in email, making my password incorrect but not sending me the option to renew my password, and not coming back to me after four painful days, I signed up with a different company. And to think that I’ve paid for two-year services, with them, and had to pay for automated website privacy renewal (only last week!!!) when they didn’t provide me with a website in the first place.

Unfair, crying, pain, headache, mistakes, more money out the door, expenses that shouldn’t be coming because this is something that was well arranged over a years ago, here I am having to create another website from scratch. Excellent.

I hope you won’t have to suffer the way I did this past few days. I hope you have someone who can help you or I hope you have a lot of money to pay someone who can help you, or that you are smart and can do tech things yourself. I learn as I go. I learned that this is an issue that doesn’t make sense and shouldn’t be happening. And I’m not going to give up my decision because there are screwed business people out there.

I did go online to find out whether they went bust. But no, they are in business as usual. To my amazement, after five days, their support line still says the following:


Therefore, new website.

The Seven Goblets.

There. Now I have to sit down and put it together.

Thank you for reading thus far, I love you so much!


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