Indie Authors need to be truly independent

Indie Authors need to back up information in the digital world and in the hard copy world. To be truly independent.

What I’ve learned from my having to get a new website in a jiffy? To have my resources saved in as many places as possible, places that don’t make me dependable on others. So that I can save myself the heartache and panic. And never, ever, feel as frustrated and helpless again.

I need to be independent. Indie Authors need to be independent to be strong. If you don’t want to face the shock of not having resources because they are locked by some website host, or your internet broke down, or even your precious laptop needs shock therapy, make sure you have all your date and information elsewhere.

Get external drives, get USBs, get cloud storage, a website, an email list, keep your contacts in digital but in print as well. Print might sound ridiculous, in our day and age, but, hard copies are actually a saviour when all else fails and your livelihood depends on it.

I was lucky in that I was only at the beginning. Now I know to have all my contacts and resources, so much saved on the cloud as much as on hard drives. Secure the data on my computer. Secure the data on my phone. I thought I was doing it until I needed that information and magically wasn’t there. Invest on the website but not too much. Pay, by using services as I go. Because I didn’t use the services of that after all. I was setting up, figuring out social media, chasing editors and graphic designers.

I’ll get there. It’s still only day 16 of 100.

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